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Timber is helping to take visitors on a voyage at ABBA Arena where it is being used for the world’s largest demountable concert venue, including an auditorium, rainscreen, and front of house facilities.

Home to the ground-breaking virtual concert series, Abba Voyage, the ABBA Arena in East London is the world’s largest demountable concert venue, with a capacity of 3,000.

From the ‘Auditorium’, a four-storey tall seating area made of 1650 unique cross-laminated panels, each up to 9.9 metres long, to the exterior larch timber ‘Rainscreen’ made up of 1400 finger-jointed larch fins which envelop the arena, timber is integral to every part of this project.

Timber continues into the ‘Front of House’ with the central concourse area covered by a hybrid spruce glulam and steel canopy structure. Twenty-four hexagonal canopies, each with a diameter of 10 metres, combine to form the geometric roof structure where LED lighting is integrated into the glulam beams. The concourse is surrounded by seven CLT buildings, each clad with a complex Larch rainscreen.


Structural EngineerAtelier One, Joe Clifton (Stage One) and Corbett & Tasker

Wood SupplierHasslacher Norica Timber, Piveteaubois, Russwood Ltd, ZÜBLIN Timber

ContractorES Global, Xylotek Ltd, Stage One Creative Services Ltd

SpeciesCross Laminated Timber (CLT) – European Spruce (Austria), European Larch (France), Cross Laminated Timber – European Spruce (Germany), Glued Laminated Timber – European Spruce (Austria), European Larch (Austria), Siberian Larch (Russia), Birch Plywood (Estonia), Iroko (Nigeria) – PEFC

DesignerXylotek Ltd

ClientABBA Voyage (Aniara Ltd)

JoineryStage One Creative Services Ltd

FabricationArchiten Landrell

abba arena
abba arena