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Bundle Tressle

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Bundle Tressle

Project Info

Bundle Trestle was created using Origin, the world’s first handheld augmented reality-aided CNC machine. Designer Thor was approached by Origin to create a trestle version of his existing desk design specifically for their CNC. The trestle is part of Origin’s premium projects, an online platform where users can buy designs to execute themselves. It is comprised of five pieces of timber that cleverly slot together with no need for hardware or glue.

When not in use, the parts come apart with ease to form a bundle for easy storage or transport. Origin’s handheld CNC router is essentially ‘autocorrect for your hands’. You do the course motions by sliding the router around while the spindle does the fine motions adjusting to the drawing. The machine fixes itself to the work using a specially developed tape which results in repeated precision.

The Origin allows you to make precession jigs which is expensive and therefore generally not done on industrial flat-bed CNC machines. Due to the high precision, the final trestle pieces need minimal hand sanding. A skilled woodworker can easily produce a Bundle Trestle in any type of local hardwood in just one weekend.

SpeciesAmerican cherry

DesignerStudio Thor

ClientShaper Tools