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Coastal House, Devon

Coastal House, Devon

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Coastal House, Devon is an early-twentieth century family home with extensive views of the sea. The house has been transformed by stripping it back to its stone walls.

Originally raised on a plinth above a basement, the ground-floor has been lowered to the level of the ground. This has increased the size of the rooms and created tall, elongated openings to the outside. A series of oak beams make up the exposed primary structure. The internal spaces have been completely reconfigured. Three floors on the north end of the house connect to two floors on the south. Each space has a distinct volume and ceiling height, with the central stair offering clear views through the whole house. Tapered oak verticals are used as supports throughout, including primary drawing room columns, external veranda posts and the stair spindles.


Architect6a architects

Structural EngineerPrice & Myers

Wood SupplierTraditional Oak and Timber Co.

ContractorJE Stacey

SpeciesFrench Oak, British Douglas Fir, British Pine

JoineryTouch Design Group

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