Dragon Flat


Dragon Flat

Project Info

AI-generated engravings adorn the timber wall panels and joinery of this refurbished 1950s council flat, bringing playful graphic detail to the renovated interior.

By subtly reconfiguring the layout and using wooden boards etched with delicate designs for the surfaces, this duplex flat has been transformed into a delightful and personal space for its occupants.

The painstaking removal of non-load-bearing partitions on the lower floor allows the dual-aspect windows to fill the room with natural light. Structural height constraints led to a focus on surfaces and materials to enrich the space and draw attention away from the low-ceiling height.

Brass clipped OSB boards are used as wallpaper for the tatami bedroom, paying homage to the humble beginnings of the flat. The panels were whitewashed before being CNC-etched with floral motifs, creating contrast for the designs to stand out.

Exquisitely detailed pale plywood defines the interior aesthetic, forming a walk-in wardrobe, raised tatami platform and wall-to-wall full-height cabinets. A floating perforated timber stair creates a striking but sensitive feature, allowing light to filter gently through.



ArchitectTsuruta Architects

Structural EngineerStructures Lab

Wood SupplierSR Timber

ContractorJK London Construction

SpeciesBirch Plywood; Pine Triply (Asia); Pine (Asia); Studwood Timber; OSB Board

PhotographerTim Crocker