Elan Outdoor Furniture


Elan Outdoor Furniture

Project Info

Dimensions: Chair with arms: 57 X 63 X 83.5, Chair without arms: 46 X 60 X 83.5, Table: 165 X 102 X 74

Innovation in teak outdoor furniture, this is still possible as Gloster and Enthoven Associates are proving with this new range that was launched in September 2008 at Maison & Objet in Paris.

The innovation lies in the use of plywood based on teak veneer. This opens the door to the use of free forms and to lower the weight.

Free form
The three-dimensional freedom that the material gives has been used optimally by the design team. Elan is teak furniture, but the shape is not comparable to what we have been used to in the past for teak furniture. This 3D-shape enables to reach a seating comfort never attained before with teak furniture.


Elan is really a “teak light” furniture. It is visually light. This aesthetic option was made possible by the use of veneer, but is enhanced by the combination with other materials and the option to use a very light structure as basis.
The furniture is also low weight. This was the original ‘hard’ ambition for the designers, when starting on the range: contrary to what is expected from teak outdoor furniture, the Elan has a low weight. It is easier to move around, to transport, and it uses significantly less material than traditional teak furniture.

New interpretation

Elan is a new interpretation of teak furniture and Gloster invested heavily in this new range that from the launch is extremely complete with chairs, tables, lounge chairs, seats and even an outdoor kitchen. The finishing is high-end and various high-tech techniques have been used to enhance the design options.


Wood SupplierPT Kingfurn International

SpeciesPlantation Grown Teak (Indonesia)

DesignerEnthoven Associates Design Consultants

ClientGloster Furniture LTD

ManufacturerPT Kingfurn International