House in a Garden


House in a Garden

Project Info

Replacing a dilapidated bungalow built in the 1960’s in the garden of an 1840’s villa, the house is on ground and two basement floors surrounded by gardens, light wells and skylights.

The ground-floor, pavilion-like structure floats, creating distant views through gaps in the city skyline. Wood it used throughout the project: structurally for the roof; as wall, floor and ceiling linings; and for the floating staircase. The glulam structure is unique in terms of the double curvature and the slender section sizes. The roof curves to conclude in an oculus. Shaped and informed by light and shadow, the roof’s tent like form creates a new place for life to occur. Wood-lined ‘internal’ spaces (living rooms and bedrooms) are juxtaposed with marble-lined ‘external’ spaces (wet areas, pools and courtyards).


ArchitectGianni Botsford Architects

Structural EngineerBuilt Engineers

Wood SupplierRoof ZÜBLIN Timber GmbH, Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Stairs Dinesen

ContractorNew Wave

SpeciesEuropean spruce, birch and Douglas fir

Landscape ServicesTodd Longstaffe-Gowan

Roof StructureZÜBLIN Timber GmbH

Stair ManufacturerSteelOne srl

house in a garden