Mixed-Deciduous Beam

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Mixed-Deciduous Beam

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Embracing the natural form and strength of ‘as-grown’ wood, this speculative structural beam has been designed to address the low use of locally grown hardwoods in UK construction.

By utilising multiple species of hardwood in a single building product, the Mixed-Deciduous Beam is designed to maximise potential of the UK’s varied hardwood resource, promote regenerative forestry practices and ensure long-term carbon storage by diverting these valuable woods away from firewood or biomass.

Despite broadleaves accounting for half of all trees in the UK, very little UK-grown hardwood is used in construction. Instead, 85% of harvested hardwood is burnt, releasing decades of sequestered carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere.

Made as part of the V&A and Sylva Foundation’s Field Notes Summer School, the beam uses minimal processing steps to ensure that it is low cost to produce.


Wood SupplierThe Blenheim Estate for Grown in Britain

SpeciesAsh, Alder and Sweet Chestnut (UK) - Grown in Britain

DesignerGeorge Fereday, London Metropolitan University

ClientSylva Foundation and V&A Museum

FacilitatorWorkshop Facilities: Sylva Foundation

PhotographerGeorge Fereday and Victoria and Albert Museum, London

mixed deciduous beam