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With Volumptuous (previously short-listed) designed, made and sold the designer wanted to extend his ambitions and over a year, in-between commissioned work, he worked on Ripples. As with any forward thinking company the designer had to invest both time and money in specialist machinery and prototyping and all before he knew that his ideas were even possible.

The designers brief was to push laminating in a new direction and develop it in line with his emerging style, an elegant, clean and fluid form which lets the material add the details. The design stemmed from the action of something dropping into water and sending concentric ripples outwards, which to produce on a flat surface in wood, you might think would be challenging enough, however, the designer wanted to go further and drape the ripples over the entire cabinet, bringing movement and life to the entire piece not just one surface.

Ripples was the result of the designers ambitions and sense of adventure which tends to lead down unknown paths. Each of the twelve hand cut dovetailed drawers open with the slightest of touch on the front, sliding out with ease and surprise to release that aromatic aroma of Cedar. If seen in the flesh, Ripples, will catch your gaze, you will want to touch it and you will enjoy its woody aromas, you’ll walk away from an experience and not just a piece of furniture.


SpeciesAsh, American black walnut & Cedar of lebanon


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