Rocaille Morphosis

Student Designer

Rocaille Morphosis

Project Info

This hand carved limewood mirror fuses rococo ornamentation with marine life structures to create sumptuous, morphological forms.

Incorporating ideas from the student’s past as a fashion designer into their present practice as a woodcarver, this exquisitely crafted piece sought to explore contemporary interpretations of a historical theme.

Using traditional techniques throughout the design, application and finish of the mirror, the artist merged designs from the Rococo period with amplified shapes and textures from marine forms, including murex and spider conch shells.

Painstakingly manipulated and sculpted over nine months, the form is carved from English limewood using a range of chisels. Each individual petal was also hand carved, then embroidered using a 0.4mm drill bit and a 0.2mm needle: a method called silk shading.


Wood SupplierEnglish Woods

SpeciesLimewood (English)

DesignerJoanne Grogan

University / CollegeCity & Guilds of London Art School

PhotographerJulian Calder and Joanne Grogan