Rustic Stool 1.0

Student Designer Winner 2017

Designer/Maker: Mark Laban
College/University: Central Saint Martins
Wood Supplier: Whitten Timber
Wood Species: American Hard Maple

Rustic Stool 1.0 was developed through a process-driven approach to design engaging directly with the manufacturing technique itself: a 3-axis CNC router. Through manipulating the machine’s software, unexpected and unconventional surfaces are created. These artificially generated rough textures begin to evoke the raw state of the material in its natural form. The stool is part of Mark Laban’s Digital Daiku collection, which interprets traditional Japanese aesthetic principles and explores their possibilities using contemporary digital manufacturing processes. American Maple was used for its fine grain and delicate colouring and tonality.

  • Date November 22, 2017
  • Tags 2017