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Inspired by the ancient hollowed out tree trunks used to carry the possessions of those on the move, this bespoke oak chest accommodates the personal possessions of a less nomadic lifestyle.

The beautifully executed Serenade has been made from a single tree of English oak – lovingly nurtured by generations of forester since its planting in 1740 and felled in 1980.

With meticulous detailing, the grain runs continuously around the form, matching at each junction and allowing the drawers and carcase to move in harmony with changes in humidity.

Lined in scented Lebanon cedar, the scorched oak drawers have central runners to minimise friction in use.

LocationOn exhibition at the Sarah Myerscough Gallery, London

Wood SupplierLongleat Forest Estate

SpeciesEnglish Oak and Lebanon Cedar (UK)

DesignerJohn Makepeace OBE

ClientA collector's piece available through the Sarah Myerscough Gallery

FabricationSnorre Steenstrup Dyhr and Clive Baines

PhotographerAndy Whale