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Tenon Table

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“Beautiful detail, beautifully done.”
—Eleanor Lakelin

Described by its designer Daniel Schofield as exhibiting “a pragmatic approach” towards furniture design, the Tenon table is an unashamed celebration of its namesake joint.

Working with wood turning, CNC technology and hand jointing, Schofield removed material from the top of his table’s base, shaving down the form to create an oversized wedged tenon joint. This rigorous construction method not only leaves the table’s base stable and perfectly balanced, but also provides a point of visual interest in the tabletop, highlighting manufacturer L.Ercolani’s craftsmanship as well as the quality of wood used in the design.

Despite this pragmatism, Schofield was able to imbue his design with considerable charm. The table’s tapered base is tactile and jolly, seating the design’s weight low to the ground while its tabletop spans generously over its slender stem. Available in two sizes, Schofield’s table highlights how rigorous, characterful design can flow from appreciation of a material’s natural qualities, as well as understanding of the beauty of construction techniques.

The jury was impressed by the confidence and resolution of Schofield’s design, particularly praising the sense of balance that ran throughout the piece. Within its category, it was a striking example of what can be achieved through simple, thoughtful design. Tenon is, in the words of the jury, “A perfect production piece”.

Speciesash, oak (Italy)

DesignerDaniel Schofield

ManufacturerL. Ercolani