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Project Info

Dimensions: W54, D52, H92

A chair utilising 3 techniques with related advantages. Use of new generation band saw blade removed the need for planing, thicknessing and jointing except boring holes and cross cutting. Final components receive low energy abrasive rotary brush. Frame is steam bent, a technique the designer used extensively and has structural, timber drying and is well suited to live structures. A tubular rivet which greatly extends the performance timber structures by giving a jointing strength that is commensurate with timber’s other strengths. It is in a different order of strength than other wood working joints.

The 3 elements work well together to produce a potentially very cost effective chair. It allows the chair to be light and flexible which also makes it very comfortable and strong. This is largely due to the strength of the rivet jointing. The saw only timber cutting dramatically reduces energy and capitol requirements. There is a reduction in making time whilst requiring reasonable skill which makes for rewarding employment.


Wood SupplierWhitmore's Timber

SpeciesFast grown Ash, Herefordshire

DesignerDavid Colwell

ManufacturerDavid Colwell