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Bloom Pendant Light

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Bloom Pendant Light

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Other associated companies: Limahl Asmall, MacMaster designer and business partner

Alex MacMaster’s lighting and furniture studio formed a brief to explore alternative methods of producing curvature in timber, which is the signature aesthetic of his work.

Most commonly, curvature is accomplished through veneer laminating processes and shaping of solid timbers; both of which are demanding of resources, involve complex and cumbersome jig structures, and time. Expressed another way, the elimination of these demands would create a simple and sustainable manufacturing process with a similarly desirable outcome.

The Bloom pendant light is the culmination of this project resulting in a featherweight pendant light formed entirely from FSC and PEFC approved Finnish Birch Plywood. It is produced from 12 flat leaves, two columns and two metal shade adaptors which allow the pendant to fit E 12, 14, 26, 27 and BC lampholders (with shade rings). It can also fit floor and table lamps that have one of the above lampholders. It is made and assembled without the use of glue or external fittings, and the signature aesthetic is achieved by sliding and  interlocking the ‘leaves’ into columns which curve the flat sheets and keep them uniform under tension.

An LED or CFL lamp illuminates the Bloom sending light along and through the 0.8mm thick leaves. As the light passes through the leaves it picks out the grain patterns adding character to the design. This is especially true in the colour version which surprises clients whom often assume the pendant is constructed from fabric! The stains allow the leaves to remain semi- translucent when exposed to light, and can be finished in matt or gloss.

It is good to note that the bulb cannot be seen through the gaps in the leaves, but can be accessed from underneath the pendant. In terms of scalability, the desire to form intelligent design briefs has real scope to improve sustainability and reduce the economic impact of manufacturing on a large scale. The Bloom perhaps shows how that idea can be accomplished on a small scale.

Sustainability Credentials

Forest Stewardship Council Certified (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)


Wood SupplierJames Latham

SpeciesBirch Plywood

DesignerAlex MacMaster

ClientMacMaster Design

ManufacturerMacMaster Design