COTTO’s Kyora Board

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COTTO’s Kyora Board

Project Info

Seeking to design a balance board as a functional work of art, Cotto’s Kyora Board is a celebration of the aesthetic of wood and its domestic qualities.

Made from a single piece of milled wood, the board curves to form a wooden rocker, which responds to movement underfoot.

The mission to bridge the gap between the sculptural and the practical was motivated by a desire to counter the conventional aesthetic of gym equipment, largely made from synthetic and polluting materials.

Embracing the natural materiality and irregular form of the wood, these beautifully finished items can be equally appreciated hung on the wall, with a specially designed mount, or used as a functional piece of exercise equipment.


Wood SupplierEnglish Woodlands Timber

SpeciesBritish Sycamore (UK) - FSC certified

DesignerStudio Mama

ClientCotto Sports

ManufacturerArmaria Design

PhotographerTheo Zeal and Lara Antoniades