East London House


East London House

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This private residential house re-establishes the grandeur of its original condition and upgrades it to a modern family home.  The original property was divided into a house with two self-contained basement flats.  There was no direct access to the rear garden from the house and various alterations over the years and left the house disconnected and a shadow of its former glory.

The project involved reconnecting the properties into a single dwelling involving excavation to the basement and rear garden. The rear half of the basement was lowered to give better headroom and the garden was excavated to the same level to give direct access.  A part-two-storey, part-one-storey rear extension was added as well as extensive internal remodelling in the basement to provide a new kitchen and living accommodation opening onto the garden.

Larch has been the only timber used in the project in various forms such as Glulam beams, solid timber, veneers and engineered boards. White oil has been applied to the larch throughout the project.

The Glulam beams form the structure to the extension and are exposed internally to give the interior warmth forming the double-height Library space above a dining area.

White brick in lime mortar permeates between the basement and garden unifying indoor and outdoor spaces while large, bespoke sliding doors made of solid Larch and fixed glazed panes give uninterrupted views to the landscaped garden.  Using brickwork internally, along with a stone floor, also adds to the thermal mass of the building. A sedum roof provides a pleasant outlook over the single storey extension whilst aiding to thermally regulate the otherwise light structure. Internal metal work such as staircase handrails have been fabricated in patinated bronze.

All services were replaced involving new electrics, lighting, plumbing and heating with under-floor heating throughout.

Sustainability Credentials

Glulam beams (from Finnforest information): Wood supply and manufacturing process have certified chains-of-custody according to the PEFC forest certification system.


ArchitectDavid Mikhail Architects

Structural EngineerHeyne Tillett Steel

Wood SupplierFinnforest (Metsa)

ContractorEurobuild Contractors Ltd

SpeciesLarch - glulam and Siberian cladding