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Extending Oak Table

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Other associated companies: Aryma – Contemporary Marquetry
Other associated companies: Collier Webb, R.H. Wilkins (Engravers) Limited, A F Brown Engineering Ltd
Dimensions: Approximate; W 200cm extending to 300cm, H 75cm, D 100cm)

Intended for everyday use by a family with a splendid house and collection, this table has been designed for simplicity of form. The colour and grain provide architectural quality, and a soap wash finish will allow it to age gracefully under hard family use.

The table is not however simple as it first looks. Concealed within the box of the top is a bespoke stainless steel and brass expanding mechanism operated by a winding handle. The mechanism allows the insertion of two 50cm wide leaves and needs to hold the 3 metre long table rigid when fully extended. Lignum vitae has been used for handle and for a detail surrounding the threaded rod as it emerges from each table end – this was chosen for its colour and self lubricating quality.

The table is constructed as a series of boxes made from 25mm thick quarter sawn oak. The legs are mitred boxes and the two ends of the table are boxes with mitres and secret mitre dovetails. The joint between the boxes of the legs and the box of the top is a mixture of display case joint and secret mitre dovetail. The construction alloc the timber boards to be used as continuous lengths, so one board runs up the leg, along the 3m of the top (with joins at the leaves) and down the opposing leg.

Sustainability Credentials

Whitmore’s Oak was Swiss Grade PEFC 100%

Timberline supplied the small quantity of Lignum Vitae which was imported under CITES appendix 2 regulations.

LocationNorth Yorkshire

Wood SupplierWhitmore’s Timber Co. Ltd

SpeciesFrench oak

DesignerRupert McBain


ManufacturerRupert McBain Furniture - Wynn Bishop main maker