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Being born and raised on the Isle of Wight Jason Heap’s design style is heavily influenced by water and other organic, natural phenomena. ‘Infinity + 1’ attempts to capture these ideas and convey a sense of movement to the observer. His  speculative work can be described as functional sculpture which has great visual impact and intrigue but simultaneously has a relaxed, unimposing feel which could allow it to subtly fit into any space.

The ribbon form which has been created would usually be associated with more malleable materials such as plastic or metal rather than timber and this serves to highlight the superb versatility of wood and strengthens its position as a modern material in a world increasingly dominated by plastics, metals and others.

The use of 0.8mm aviation plywood for the laminate construction of ‘Infinity + 1’ has allowed Jason to produce forms which are almost unbelievable, especially when the chosen material is considered, with outstanding strength to weight ratios. This strength is uniform throughout due to the complex joint used in order to ensure the table’s durability.

‘Infinity + 1’ is constructed in component form making production adaptable for larger scale manufacture. The basic form can then be assembled and veneered in the client’s choice of timber. Every effort is made to work sympathetically with the environment and all of the plywood used is FSC certified. All of the veneers used also come from reputable suppliers whose policy is to sell timbers that come from sustainable sources.

LocationIsle of Wight

Wood SupplierBirch Plywood (Finland), American Black Walnut Veneer (America)

DesignerJason Heap Furniture

FurnitureJason Heap Furniture