Lace Oak Natural Edge Bowl

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Lace Oak Natural Edge Bowl

Project Info

Crafted from a storm-fallen piece of partially rotted oak, this delicate sculptural bowl has been sandblasted to expose the growth rings and sense of decay of its material.

Through a process combining wood turning and sculpting the oak takes on an intricate lace-like effect, seeming to fray at its natural edge.

Pieces of oak collected from a local tree surgeon, which would otherwise be used as firewood, are turned, whilst still wet, to a thickness of 2mm. Once dry, a sandblasting technique removes the soft spring growth to reveal the inner structure of the material and its unique pattern of intersecting medullary rays and growth rings.

Greg acknowledges the pioneering work of other wood artists in this area, including Pascal Oudet and Sergei Senatorov. Working in this lineage of techniques and ideas, he produces very fine pieces that explore the beauty of wood.


Wood SupplierLow Fold Farm

SpeciesOak (Lancashire)

DesignerGreg Kent Art in Wood

ClientGreg Kent Art in Wood

PhotographerGreg Kent