Littoral Chances 1&2

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Littoral Chances 1&2

Project Info

This unmatched pair of collecting cabinets is based on the beauty of chance composition.

Gates is drawn to industrial and agricultural architecture, including jetties and pylons, and the paraphernalia that populates these sites, such as containers and crates. Gates is often struck by the balance and beauty of chance compositions; how stacked and piled objects present themselves sculpturally. The timber has been sawn, scraped, planed, and cleft to emphasise the woods’ varying surfaces. The cabinets appear chaotic and improvised but are carefully made using adaptations of traditional construction techniques. The hand-shaped elliptical section of the legs echoes that of yacht masts, further extending the link to the estuary landscape.

Wood SupplierAdamson & Low, English Woodland Timber and Timberline

SpeciesEuropean oak, bog oak, ripple sycamore, Cedar of Lebanon and Douglas fir, American bird’s eye maple

DesignerDavid Gates

Vitreous enamel on steel panelsHelen Carnac