Marie’s Wardrobe


Marie’s Wardrobe

Project Info

This 20th century house had fallen into disrepair and a complete reorganisation was required.

The original large staircase made the circulation light and airy but its dominance compromised the entire layout. Timber was selected for the new staircase, wardrobe, windows and framework wall due to its natural qualities and flexibility. The perforated timber treads, risers and balustrade of the new staircase let light and air through, but in a more compact configuration. Traces of engraved e-mail dialogues between the client and architect appear on the stair stringer and handrail. Windows and a new plywood framework create a screen wall for two new bathrooms and a utility room, letting light flow into the stairwell. A large cantilevered steel balcony with timber storage underneath anchors the kitchen and dining room to the back garden.


ArchitectTsuruta Architects

Structural EngineerWebb Yates Engineers, Entuitive Engineering

Wood SupplierRiga Ply


SpeciesLatvian birch plywood

FabricationCut and Construct

  • Date November 20, 2018
  • Tags 2018
Maries Wardrobe