Moat Bridge, Tattersall Castle

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Moat Bridge, Tattersall Castle

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The Moat Bridge is the third bridge to be repaired at Castle Linc The castle was built in 1445 and the Moat Bridge added in 1902. Lord Curzon restored the castle in 1911 and left the property to the National Trust on his death.

The bridge, built entirely from English oak has been restored by Arthur Wood & Sons Judges described the repairs as carefully considered and carried out, leaving as much of the original as possible. Straightforward carpentry techniques using seasoned oak pegs and straight cut tenons are sympathetic to the original construction tec iniques used at the start of the 20th century.

The new work on the bridge has not yet had time to shrink back and discolour but previous restoration projects show how well it will eventually blend in On projects such as this, where a structure has no it is often tempting to strip out and replace large elements. This restoration project was praised by the restoration for its careful balance of repair and which leaves the essential integrity of the bridge intact.

The judges felt that the project had been executed love care by with a great deal of an the local carpentry firm. ‘A very nice conservation project done with a lot of care’ stated one. ‘You could feel the carpenter was with his achievement’.


ArchitectStuart Page Architects

SpeciesEnglish Oak