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MultiPly is a carbon neutral engineered timber pavilion, made from hardwood CLT.

The vertical maze of stacked modules and staircases creates labyrinthine spaces which intertwine, inviting people to explore the use of wood in architecture and reflect on how we build our homes and cities. MultiPly demonstrates how engineered timber structures can be reconfigured, reused, repurposed and ultimately recycled. The pavilion has been shown in three locations, each iteration taking a different form. The unassuming assembly of modules belies the engineering challenges created by the thinness of panels, significant cantilevers, and the complexity of designing a structure that can be reduced to a set of parts. MultiPly provided an opportunity to push the boundaries of CLT construction. Like a piece of flat-packed furniture, it arrives as a kit of parts and can be quietly assembled in under a week. MultiPly is the first structure made from UK manufactured CLT.

ArchitectWaugh Thistleton Architects

Structural EngineerArup

Wood SupplierGlenalmond Timber Company

ContractorStage One

SpeciesAmerican tulipwood

ClientAmerican Hardwood Export Council

ManufacturerConstruction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC)