Bespoke Award Winner 2016

Designer: Steph Leake, Intern at Jack Badger Ltd.
Maker/Manufacturer: Jack Badger Ltd.
Client/Owner: Nojō
Wood Supplier: Brooks Brothers Timber
Project Architect: Holland Harvey Architects
Photography: Adrian Lambert Photography
Wood Species: European Oak, English Ash

Inspired by the Japanese Wabi-Sabi aesthetic that embraces simplicity and naturalness, Pantori is a freestanding pantry larder, created for Japanese crepe eatery, Nojō. A combination of Japanese and English joinery has been used. The top has been jointed using three way mitres and wedged tenons, the rails are housed dovetails, while the drawers have been housed and nailed with ring shank nails typically used in boat building. Oak was selected for the frame and flexible straight-grained ash for the woven inner drawers. Shou Sugi Ban, the traditional Japanese technique of burning timber to preserve it and make it resistant to fire, rot and insects, inspired the scorching on the oak. Within the drawers, waste sawdust creates a substrate for mushrooms to grown in. Two extra rails allow the positioning of the drawers to be changed while the oak board provides an extra workspace.