Planks Collection

Production Made Award Winner 2016

Designer: Max Lamb
Maker/Manufacturer: Benchmark
Wood Supplier: Tyler Hardwoods
Wood Species: British Douglas Fir or European Oak

Designed by Max Lamb, Planks’ roots lie in the humble carpenter’s workbench and 17th/18th century English country furniture. The collection (a dining table, bench, shelving, console table and lounge table) promotes utility, strength, durability and economy of material. Easily accessible storage prevents clutter from gathering on work surfaces. Varying plank sizes have been used for each piece of furniture to minimize waste. Full- width planks are used as the defining feature. Narrower planks are joined to form structural rails to support the top. Four simple L-shaped legs, structurally strong yet physically light, connect to the side of the box and support the cantilevered top. Available in Douglas fir or oak.