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Pocket House


Pocket House

Project Info

Pocket House’s limited footprint resulted in a design solution in which half the house is located underground.

A large lightwell is cut into the corner of the plan to allow light into the basement. The bedrooms are placed below ground and orientated around a sunken courtyard. A timber pod, placed in the darkest corner of this floor, contains the family bathroom. The pod’s thick walls create spaces for desks and storage. The kitchen and dining areas are located at ground level and are separated from the house’s entrance by another timber pod containing a toilet, coat cupboard and kitchen storage. An open-plan living space sits on the first-floor, with street views concealed behind a timber screen. The screen also helps to harmonise the building’s façade. Oversized doors and folding walls play with your expectations and sense of space.


ArchitectTikari Works

Structural EngineerBuilt Engineers

Wood SupplierWhittens Timber, Silva Timber

SpeciesCanadian western red cedar, North American Douglas fir, Finnish spruce

Mechanical and Electrical EngineerSGA Consulting

Kitchen ManufacturerUncommon Projects

Pocket House