Scutoid Stool/Side-Tables

Student Designer

Scutoid Stool/Side-Tables

Project Info

Inspired by the newly discovered scutoid shape, these geometrically complex stool/side tables can be used independently or fitted perfectly together.

First described by biologists in 2018, the scutoid is a three-dimensional twisted prismatic shape that allows cells to pack together in a particular way. Excited by this natural form, which is also a beautiful mathematical problem, the student sought to utilise it in furniture design.

The resulting two stool/side tables, with their complicated, precise but organic-looking shape, are a true technical achievement. Identical in form, they have a hexagon at one end and a pentagon at the other.

Each is made of ten ring-shaped sections of ash timber with mitred and biscuited joints, allowing the products to be hollow. They make for comfortable seating and can be turned and used in various positions.

Their intriguing shape encourages interaction, passing on the fun and problem-solving that went into their making, to their users.


Wood SupplierLathams

SpeciesEuropean Ash; Birch Plywood; Constructional Ash Veneer

DesignerGuy Privett Designs

University / CollegeWilliams and Cleal Furniture School

PhotographerMichael Pawley Photographer