The Ash Bushel Basket

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The Ash Bushel Basket

Project Info

Inspired by traditional techniques of split wood basketry, the Ash Bushel Basket is an ode to both Scandinavian and North American basket-making craft cultures, made with British materials.

After studying the Scandinavian “Sloyd” handcraft of making functional wooden homeware and learning endangered split wood basket techniques brought over to the UK from North America, the designer sought to create a piece of work that encapsulated all that she had seen and learnt.

The Ash Bushel Basket is made using ash splints, which have been processed from the log using a technique called ‘pounding’, woven around a bent hazel branch which is held together by a twisted piece of spruce root. All of the materials were sourced within 40 miles of the designer’s workshop.

The hooped handle and flat back to the basket allows the user to carry or position it in a number of ways: against their side, hung on a wall, or held over their shoulder. Traditionally, in Sweden, these bushel baskets were used to carry produce such as berries, fish or potatoes, to sell at market or for use in the home.


Wood SupplierFlorence Hamer

SpeciesAsh, Hazel and Spruce (UK)

DesignerFlorence Hamer

PhotographerFlorence Hamer