Time and Texture Installation (‘A Landscape of Objects’)

Bespoke Winner 2017

Designer/Maker: Eleanor Lakelin
Client/Owner: Flow Gallery/Somerset Art Works
Wood Supplier: English Hardwoods
Wood Species: Oak, Cedar, Wellingtonia and Sycamore (all British)

Time and Texture is an installation of works forming part of ‘A Landscape of Objects’, a site-specific exhibition set in the gardens of Forde Abbey, curated by Flow Gallery for Somerset Art Works. The brief was to reference both the shapes, colours and texture of the gardens and buildings and the importance of water on the site. The installation is formed of three hollowed vessels on rusted plinths and four solid forms designed to show how natural elements erode and work away at materials. Through building up layers of texture through carving and sandblasting away the softer wood, it is possible to show how natural elements and processes layer and colour wood. The wellingtonia and sycamore vessels were turned on a lathe and hollowed out through a small hole. The four solid pieces are sculpted from English oak and cedar. The spherical form was chosen to reflect the natural shapes in the garden. The textures are reminiscent of seeds, pollen and rocks eroded by water.

  • Date November 22, 2017
  • Tags 2017