Project Info

Refurbishment of Wakelins, a Grade II- listed 15th century house, included an uncompromisingly modern extension supported by English Heritage and the Ancient Monuments Society.

When the cement render of the main house facade was removed, about 40% of the timber frame was found to be beyond repair. It has been replaced with traditionally jointed and pegged European oak. Lacking any interiors of note, the barn and main house were stripped to their timber skeletons and new foundations constructed Walls and roof were then carefully reassembled using breathable materials, such as sheeps wool insulation and lime render.

New insertions within the house, such as staircases, Screens and doors, are clearly defined as modern and were built in oak by Crown Joinery. The master bedroom is lined in American black walnut veneer. ‘Internal fittings are superbly carried through,’ the judges observe. Highest quality cabinet-making and joinery work are evident throughout a quality design with very good taste in exceptional materials.
In contrast to the painstaking restoration, the frame of the extension was erected in five days from prefabricated softwood timber panels. In effect, it is the modem version of the timber- building tradition. Externally, it is clad in subtly dished European oak boarding.


ArchitectJames Gorst

Structural EngineerAnthony Hunt Associates

ContractorFA Valiant and Son

SpeciesEuropean oak, American black walnut

JoineryCrown Joinery