May 17

Join the Wood Awards bandwagon

The Wood Awards benefit the whole timber industry, says Canada Wood managing director John Park.

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There have been almost as many bandwagons in the timber trade as there are commercial softwood species and in most cases they have been jumped on by many as the easy option! The result is a gross undervaluation, in more ways than one, of our remarkable raw material. And now, somewhat ironically, there is another one, wood pellets, seen by those with a burning ambition, but less foresight than a rear-view mirror, as the latest hot option to save the planet!

So, it is fortunate indeed that we have the Wood Awards to celebrate the magnificence of wood in construction and bespoke furniture, the highest volume and highest value respectively of constructive uses of wood across the globe. The actual highest volume use is, of course, firewood, it being the main source of heat for warmth and cooking for half the global population – makes you think, doesn’t it?

Concrete, brick, steel, plastic and aluminium naturally can’t make that claim but it is the one property that makes wood fundamental to human existence; we could survive without those I just listed, we could not survive without wood.

But the one thing those other materials have in common is high-profile, black tie, big-bucks awards! The Wood Awards should be up there with them! Why is it that the Wood Awards call for entries doesn’t even merit a mention in the professional and industry journals (Loughborough uni’s student contest does)? It has been won in previous years by some very high-profile architectural practices but it is still too low-profile to excite the press – present journal excepted!

Support the Wood Awards! If your business relies on wood, why wouldn’t you? Now that really should make you think. Individual company support need not cost you a fortune for a mention but if you would prefer not to spend money, and there are always numerous reasons quoted for not doing so, at least get hold of a box of entry forms and send one out with every wood delivery, no matter what it is, or with paperwork or as an e-mail attachment if you are paperless. The recipient may not be the one responsible for specifying but they may know someone who is and it may be passed on appropriately and the message will spread!

There are many individuals along a wood supply chain and it is not only the designer who is ultimately recognised when a Wood Awards award is won.

Is wood gaining ground because of its environmental credentials? You bet it is! And more people want to burn it, too! And if you are merely into commodities, don’t believe that you will not ultimately benefit from such glossy creative promotion.

Not big enough news for the architectural press – another four or five major sponsors and it would be!

Support the Wood Awards – it’s a bandwagon we should all be jumping on!

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By John Park, Canada Wood managing director

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