Jul 23

Timber industry funds first 13 MSc Timber Engineering scholarships

by Geoff Rhodes – Geoff Rhodes Associates  and Chair of FPRI Advisory Board for Edinburgh Napier University   

For a long time it has been acknowledged by the timber industry that there has been a lack of knowledge  compared with other materials within the professional engineering, construction and specifiers sectors in the UK, with specific regard to the products available and design propositions  and potential from the Forest Products sector.

Following a recent and fresh initiative in 2013 aimed at raising funds, support and awareness, this is now starting to change.

13 industry funded MSc Timber Engineering Scholarships are now available for post graduate student application for the next academic year which will start in September 2013 at Edinburgh Napier University.

With the language of Government currently focusing strongly on topics such as the carbon economy, sustainability, renewables, modern methods of construction and green building systems, if ever there was an interesting time for students to investigate and learn about new and traditional materials from the  international timber industry, then it is now!

To find out more about the scholarships, email [email protected], to learn more about the MSc Timber Engineering programme, visitwww.napier.ac.uk/courses, and if you or your company is interested in funding a scholarship, email [email protected].

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