Jun 02

Wood Awards x Material Matters – Celebrating exceptional timber design & innovation exhibition

The Wood Awards, renowned for honouring outstanding timber projects, is delighted to announce its continued partnership with Material Matters for the second year in a row.

This collaboration brings together two pillars of the UK design industry to celebrate the beauty and versatility of timber in contemporary architecture and furniture. The Wood Awards’ shortlisted projects will be prominently exhibited at Gallery@OXO during the London Design Festival, immersing visitors in the creative potential of wood.

The Wood Awards, established over four decades ago, has become an essential platform for recognising excellence in timber design and architecture across the United Kingdom. By partnering with Material Matters, an influential entity in the design and materials sector, the awards seek to amplify their impact and reach, highlighting the synergy between wood and innovation.

Material Matters’ expertise in sustainable materials and design aligns with the Wood Awards’ commitment to promoting environmentally conscious practices and the use of responsibly sourced wood, and their partnership has been instrumental in advancing the Wood Awards’ mission to inspire, educate and engage both industry professionals and the wider public.

The Wood Awards is preparing for another year of exceptional entries – showcasing the diverse applications of wood in contemporary design. After careful consideration, a panel of expert judges will shortlist a selection of projects that represent the best of conscientious design, innovation, and creativity.

The shortlist, which will range from furniture and products to buildings and installations, will be displayed at the upcoming London Design Festival. As one of the world’s leading design events, the festival attracts design enthusiasts, industry professionals and creatives from around the world. This highly anticipated exhibition will provide a unique opportunity to appreciate the skill and artistry behind these inspiring timber projects.

“With wood-centric work from cutting-edge contemporary architects, designers and makers, the shortlist exhibition demonstrates how timber can transform and enrich our lives, and contribute to positive change in the building environment,” Material Matters.

This annual exhibition demonstrates how timber is increasingly being used as the construction and design material of choice. All shortlisted furniture items will be displayed alongside presentations of the shortlisted buildings – with information on the makers, projects aspirations, and demonstrations of sustainability – together telling a powerful narrative about what can be achieved using timber in design and architecture.

Enter your timber projects before 23 June and have the opportunity to be featured in this exciting exhibition showcasing timber design, craft and innovation.

The exhibition will be on display at the Gallery@Oxo from 20-23 September. More information on events and the exhibition will be announced in due course.

For more information about the Wood Awards, visit www.woodawards.com and follow @woodawards.

As a not-for-profit competition, the Wood Awards can only happen with collaborative industry sponsorship. Major Sponsors of the Wood Awards 2023 include Carpenters CompanyAmerican Hardwood Export Council and Timber Development UK.