Mar 30

World first Olympic timber procurement success confirmed

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) has achieved a “world first” for securing FSC and PEFC project certification on the Olympic Park site, with 100% of wood products supplied certified as “legal and sustainable”.

The presentation of FSC and PEFC project certification by auditors Soil Association Woodmark on Wednesday is being hailed as a major achievement and a procurement model for other projects to follow.

It also breaks new ground in that the project required main certification schemes PEFC and FSC, which have well-documented differences of opinion on forest certification, to work together, bringing hope of the potential of mutual recognition in the future.

Soil Association Woodmark said the project was a world first for certification of such a huge and complex site. FSC-certified material made up 67% of the 12,500m³ timber products procured, while PEFC accounted for 33%.

“It is an outstanding outcome that really shows what can be achieved and it’s a strong platform for the industry to build on,” said Peter Bonfield, leader of construction products at the ODA.

“Now the question is – what are the industry and certification bodies going to do to take that across the rest of the country.”

He praised PEFC, FSC, auditors, the timber industry, contractors and CLM (Olympic delivery partner) team managers for their efforts in achieving the target.

He said there had been hiccups – some materials were removed from site and several small timber structures dismantled when it was discovered the wood did not meet procurement requirements.

But problems had been overcome practically, avoiding any of the politics of certification.

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