Jul 03

Call for Entries Closed Wood Awards 2023

The Wood Awards 2023 Call for Entries has officially closed, marking the end of the submission phase for this prestigious event.

Architects, designers, and wood enthusiasts from across the UK have showcased their exceptional talent and innovative use of wood in diverse projects. As the submission window concludes, we eagerly await the next steps in this celebration of wood design excellence.

The Wood Awards, organised by Timber Development UK and supported by the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC), Carpenters Company and American Softwood, is an esteemed competition that recognises outstanding wood-based projects across various categories. Each year, it brings together professionals who share a passion for sustainable and creative wood design, showcasing the remarkable versatility and beauty of this natural material.

The response to the Wood Awards 2023 Call for Entries has been overwhelming. Designers, architects, wood suppliers and more have submitted their awe-inspiring projects, ranging from impressive architectural structures to innovative furniture pieces and artistic installations. The level of creativity and skill demonstrated through this year’s entries reflects the growing trend of utilising wood as a sustainable and elegant building material.

Over the next few months, the Wood Awards’ esteemed judges, composed of architects, designers, and experts in the timber industry will carefully evaluate each entry. They will not only assess the aesthetics and craftsmanship but also the environmental impact, innovative use of wood, and sustainability aspects of the projects.

Following the meticulous evaluation process, the judges will visit all shortlisted projects in person. This unique approach allows judges to experience the true essence of the projects, appreciating the intricacies and design up close.

The shortlist will be announced in early September, which will range from furniture and products to buildings and installations.  These projects will be displayed at the upcoming London Design Festival in a partnership with Material Matters. As one of the world’s leading design events, the festival attracts design enthusiasts, industry professionals and creatives from around the world. This highly anticipated exhibition will provide a unique opportunity to appreciate the skill and artistry behind these inspiring timber projects.

The Wood Awards 2023 is not just a competition; it is a platform to inspire architects and designers to explore the vast potential of wood in contemporary design. By highlighting the beauty and sustainability of wood, the Wood Awards aims to drive awareness and promote environmentally conscious choices within the design and construction industries.

The Wood Awards would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors and supporters. Their dedication to promoting excellence in wood design and sustainability aligns perfectly with the values of this competition.

As we eagerly await the announcement of the shortlist projects, we encourage all enthusiasts of wood design to stay tuned for updates and join us in celebrating the brilliance and innovation showcased in the Wood Awards 2023.